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Importer of Fine Wine and Creator of Lombardi Limonata

Southern Italy Imports is a US wine importer and supplier of spirits, micro beers, import beers and specialty sodas. We are a Wholesale Wine and Spirits Distributor based out of Verona, Wisconsin.
Wholesale Wine and Spirits Distributor

Southern Italy Imports

Our story starts in 2008 when our owner, John Colletti, sold H&M Miller Distributing Co. to pursue his passion for fine wines from around the world. From this sale Southern Italy Imports was born. SII has expanded to 16 states in the Midwest and imports wine from Italy and around the world.

We own and manufacture our own brand called Lombardi Limonata. Trademarked in 2013 Lombardi Limonata is an Italian style hard lemonade made in Madison, WI. Originally produced as a vodka lemonade (2012) and later as a malt beverage (2013), Lombardi drinks have been gaining more market share year after year.

Starting with a pilsner style beer, we utilize multi-layered charcoal filters to filter our base three times to create a clean, clear malt bases. After filtering, we add pure cane sugar and real fruit juices. Lombardi Limonata comes in four different flavors, a traditional Lemon, a sweet Red Raspberry Lemonade, a refreshing Orange Lemonade, and a tropical Mango Pineapple Banana.

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Our Story

Over the Years



Southern Italy Imports receives it’s Federal Permits and starts importing wine from Italy


New Wines Available

Expand network to five states and added wines from around the world


Lombardi Limonata

Launch our own Lombardi Limonata Vodka Lemonade, eventually adding Red Raspberry, Black Cherry and Limeade flavors


Lombardi Limonata  Available In Cans

Lombardi Limonata Lemonade Flavored Malt Beverage is introduced in 16 oz cans


Double Gold and Best of Show

Lombardi Limonata Red Raspberry wins a Silver Medal at National Wine and Spirits in the Vodka Division and Black Shiraz wins Double Gold and Best of Show


Lombardi Limonata Variety Packs

Variety Eight Packs launched with Lombardi Limonata Lemon, Red Raspberry, Orange and Mango Pineapple Banana