New Wines From Chile

Wine From ChileOur new wines from Chile have arrived and we are very excited to get them into the market.

We have imported two great varietals from Chile, a Chardonnay and a Carmenere. There is a standard bottling and a Reserva bottling for each of these new wines from Chile. These bottles have attractive labels and will show well on the shelf or display areas in your wine shop, liquor store or restaurant.

These wines have had great reviews from the staff at Southern Italy Imports and from the few distributors that have had a chance to taste them so far. This is our first venture with this winery in Chile and are looking forward to bringing on more of their wines in the future.

The Chardonnay’s are both crisp, vibrant and have notes of vanilla, green apple with a hint of buttery goodness. The Reserva bottling has all of the above mentioned characteristics but with a more pronounced oak finish.

The Carmenere’s are both earthy, with hints of spice, pepper and dried red fruit. The Reserva bottling is a touch drier and has more spice.

Primo Sole Wines From Moldova

Primo Sole MoscatoSpring is on the way and what a better way to celebrate the warmer weather than with some nice, refreshing wines from Moldova.

Primo Sole Wines From Moldova


Wines from Moldova have been becoming more and more popular these days. The country has one of the largest amounts of wines in barrel in the entire world! Needless to say they know a thing or two on how to make nice wines.

Sweet Wines From Moldova

Our Primo Sole wines from Moldova are made sweet especially for the American wine buying market. Our wine distributors in Wisconsin, Michigan and Illinois have asked us to provide them with a sweet line of wines that are both affordable and good tasting.

We had our friends from over seas look into this for us and after some negotiation and hard work we came up with the Primo Sole line of sweet wines.

Our sweet wines from Moldova are a wonderful, light and easy drinking wine for any occasion. These wines from Moldova are best served chilled and in a big glass to best show off their flavors.

Check for them at your local liquor store or wherever good wine is sold.


New Products From Southern Italy Imports

We are happy to announce that we have added two new products to our beverage portfolio! Metcalfe’s Vermont Maple Cream Liquor and Hoosier Momma Bloody Mary Mix. These product are top notch and we are having a lot of success in the market with both of these products. Check out the descriptions below:

Metcalfe’s Vermont Maple Cream Liquor

bottle-metcalfesThis product is made from pure Vermont maple syrup, cream and high end spirits and can be enjoyed in many different drinks. It is best served chilled on the rocks or straight up. Make your own white russian, or mix it in with your coffee.

Metcalfe’s Vermont Maple Cream Liqueur is one of those rare products that is as delectable sipped slightly chilled as it is featured in a cocktail or mixed drink. The liqueur has a lightweight body and an enticing bouquet of maple and chocolate. While its aromatics alone make it worth the price of admission, the liqueur’s skillfully balanced array of flavors really seals the deal. Equally noteworthy is that the lingering finish is dry and flavorful, not cloying like so many other cream liqueurs. My advice is if you find Metcalfe’s on the shelf, grab all of the bottles you can carry.”

-Robert Plotkin is a judge at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and author of 16 books on bartendering and beverage management including Secrets Revealed of America’s Greatest Cocktails


Hoosier Momma Bloody Mary Mix

Hoosier Momma Bloody Mary Mix is a fine mix from Indiana, the Hoosier state. They have won many awards and have gotten a lot of great press for both of their Bloody Mary mixes. Both of the mixes are vegan, gluten free and have no high fructose corm syrup!

We have both of their wonderful tasting Bloody Mary mixes in stock now and are having tremendous success with them. Contact us today to place and order!

Hoosier Momma Original Bloody Mary Mix

Naturally sourced ingredients with no high fructose corn syrup, gmo’s, is vegan and is gluten free! The product tastes garden fresh and with massive flavor and the lowest amount of sodium for this type of product on the market.

Mix with your favorite ingredients to make a Blood Mary, Bloody Derby or Bloody Bettie.


Hooiser Momma Spicy Bloody Mary MixNaturally sourced ingredients without any gmo’s, high fructose corn syrup, vegan and is gluten free. Once those things are gone all that remains is the spicy hot flavor of the mix.

Blended with a bit of cayenne pepper and horseradish this mix kicks it up a few notches from the original flavor!


Torreon de Paredes Wines From Chile

Torreon de Paredes Wines From Chile

Southern Italy Imports is very happy to announce that the Torreon de Paredes wines from Chile have arrived and are ready to be delivered for the holiday season. These great wines from Chile have already made a great impression on our staff and the very few people that have had a chance to taste them.

The Torreon de Paredes wines from Chile are both affordable and are of excellent quality. With eye catching bottle labels and attractive case packaging, these wines should be a must have for any wine distributor or wine shop.

Check out the graphic below for Decanter awards. Nice!

Torreon de Paredes wines from Chile













These great wines from Chile are outstanding buys and we are very exited to offer them to our distributors, wine shops, wine clubs, grocery chains and other partners.

Check out our Distributor page to get in contact with us to place your order. Or call our office and we will be happy to help you place your order for these great Torreon de Paredes wines from Chile.

Check out our brief tasting notes below for these great Torreon de Paredes wines from Chile.


Res_carmCarmenere Reserva 2012

Both the winery and the vineyards are located in the famous Rengo area, which is located in the upper reaches of the Cachapoal Valley (Rapel region). The grapes are hand harvested and the wine is aged in French oak barrels.

Deep, ruby red color in the glass. Notes of ripe dark fruits, black cherries, chocolate with a hint of spice. Soft tannins with a long finish. Substantial.


VR_carmCarmenere Valle de Rengo 2012

Fermentation in stainless steel tanks. Aged in oak for 7 to 8 months. The wine has a deep ruby color, with shades of violet in the glass. Hand harvested grapes from their estate are used to make this wonderful wine.

Medium bodied with aromas of black cherry, cherries, vanilla and oak. This wine has a wonderful nose and a long lasting finish. Notes of chocolate on the finish. Nice, round tannins.


VR_cab_sauvCabernet Sauvignon Valle de Rengo 2012

Fermentation is carried out in stainless steel tanks, with hand harvested grapes that are picked at the height of their ripeness. The grapes are grown in the famous Rapel valley, which produces world famous wines.

Ripe fruit, black currant and strawberries are noticed right away when you take a drink of this great cabernet sauvignon from Chile. Nice, long lasting finish with a medium body.


VR_sauv_blancSauvignon Blanc Valle de Rengo 2013

Fermentation is carried out in stainless steel tanks, using hand harvested estate grown grapes. This wine speaks of the character of the great wines grown in the world famous Rapel Valley in Chile.

This sauvignon blanc is youthful, fresh and shows great fruit. Tropical fruits, grapefruit are on the nose. Straw yellow in the glass, with bright green hues.


Los Haroldos Wines From Argentina

Los Haroldos Wines From Argentina

We are pleased to announce to our wine distributors that our Los Haroldos wines have arrived from Argentina. We are offering four wines from this top winery in Argentina. A Cabernet Sauvignon Oak, Malbec Oak, a Chardonnay Oak and a Malbec.

These wines have shown very well for us so far and we are very happy to have added such a quality group of wines to our portfolio.

Contact us today to place your order for our Los Haroldos wines from Argentina.

Here is a quick review for these great and affordable wines from Argentina:


Los Haroldos Wines From Argentina

Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 - Oak: Balanced, well structured. Beautiful ruby red color in the glass. Dark fruit, vanilla, oak notes with a long finish. Screaming to be matched with a nice steak. This cabernet sauvignon is my favorite of the bunch and has been very successful for us in the short time we have had it.

Putting a few bottles of this wonderful cabernet sauvignon from Argentina in your wine cellar for a year will yield some good results when opened up. This wine shows incredible value for the cost. A keeper for sure.



Los Haroldos Wines From Argentina

Malbec 2011Oak: Stunning deep purple color with a slight violet shade in the glass. Shows dark fruit on the nose along with coffee / mocha notes. Aged six months in oak this wine has depth and structure. Long, substantial finish with ripe tannins.

This wine can and should be put in ones wine cellar for a year or two so it can fully mature. However, this Malbec from Argentina is ready to drink now and can be enjoyed with a nice cut of red meat or Winter stew.



Los Haroldos Wines From ArgentinaChardonnay 2011Oak: This chardonnay from Argentina shows a golden yellow color in the glass. The nose has many tropical fruit and green apple notes to it. This wine also shows vanilla and oak notes when tasting due to it being fermented and aged in French oak casks.

I enjoy this chardonnay from Argentina and believe it also to be cellar worthy for a year to 18 month. Rich, buttery, slightly oaky and still manages to show its fruit. Lump crab cakes, snow crab or Pacific salmon will all pair well with this wonderful chardonnay from Argentina.


We also have an unoaked Malbec that is full of ripe red fruit, dark cherries, plums and a little bit of spice. A great value for the price.