Our Story

Our story begins where another ends: John Colleti left Miller Distributing Co. and the beer industry in 2008, to pursue his passion for fine wines from around the world. From this separation came Southern Italy Imports. Starting as a local wine importing company, SII has expanded to 11 states in the Midwest. Importing from 6 different countries, the team at SII has a diverse knowledge base and a passion for providing quality service. Today, we have substantially increased our portfolio, with the most popular of our beverages being Lombardi Limonata. Lombardi Limonata is an Italian style hard lemonade. Produced as a vodka lemonade as well as a malt beverage, Lombardi drinks have been gaining more market share year after year. Starting with a simple malt base, we utilize multi-layered charcoal filters and filter our base three times to create a clean, clear start. After filtering, we add pure cane sugar and real fruit juices. Lombardi Limonata comes in three different flavors, a traditional Limonata or lemon, a sweet red raspberry, or an refreshing orange flavor.

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